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Frequently Asked Questions

If I or a collaborator am not from Colorado or located in Colorado can I submit my work?

Absolutely yes! That is totally fine. The staged readings will happen in Colorado, and the Denver actors and audience will be considered as part of selection process, but anyone is welcome to submit their work regardless of where they are from or currently located!

My show isn't complete, or I don't have sheet music, can I still submit?

Absolutely! We are here to leave work better than we found it, so give us whatever you've got, does not have to polished or complete yet, there is space for all of it!

My show is designed for virtual can I still submit?

Absolutely! We ran year one of this festival virtually and will happily consider virtual work for a staged reading on our virtual platforms that we utilized in year 1.

What does it cost to participate?

There is no cost to submit and there is also no money awarded to authors at this point in time. If authors participate in the read by music directing or directing there may be stipends as funding becomes available. We are volunteer based and work very hard to perpetuate musical art and build a community. Donations to support our work are always welcome! DONATE HERE

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